ale giorgini.

« Crowded, strict, free. »

facebook : ale.giorgini.9 / website : alegiorgini / instagram : @alegiorgini

We enough agree with this American blogger who qualifies your style of Geometro for Geometric Retro ? Could you explain us what that means ?

Well, he defined my style in that way because it reminds him to a geometric version of 50s and 60s cartoon. And I guess it took the point. I was really influenced by that vintage aesthetic and I was in architecture school. So I guess my mind just bring those two « languages » and combine them together.

You are the designer of the festival Illustri who is held in Vicenza. Today, Illustri is much more than a festival of illustration. What was your most beautiful meeting ?

There was almost a whole months of shows, events and meeting. The most emotional for me was when we had the chance to have in the same theatre Noma Bar, Malika Favre, Pablo Lobato, Shout and Mauro Gatti talks. That was so amazing, having those 5 great artists from all over the world in the same time on stage to talk to audience about them job and careers. Great time !

The Blues Brothers’s poster is hung on in Tom’s « Bones » Malone home. A sacred pride not ?

I was so thrilled when I’ve received an email from him. I couldn’t believe a music living legend was asking me where to find that poster he loved so much.

You combine two passions : 7th art and illustration. Could you one day draw two totally different movies in a single poster ?

Is this a challenge ? Maybe I’ll try one day 😉

Your childhood and your studies of architect are basis of your style, so recognizable and so unique ?

Yep, as I was telling you before, it came out so naturally to me. Just combining two sides of my life : the lysergic and crazy kinds of cartoon, comics and books I use to look at when I was a child and the strict approach to design that architecture school taught me.

If you had to define your style in three words, it would be…

Crowded, strict, free.

We find your illustrations in magazines or books. Have you already made it on t-shirts, walls, paintings, wood ?

Yes, you can find them in a really large bunch of surfaces. You can also find them on credit cards, longboards, knives, swim suits, bottles of water, ice cream cup and so on. Someone was even tattooing some of my artworks, so I guess I can really say « any kind of surfaces ».

We are a fan of the series Minimalist portraits but you forgot R2D2 ☺ ?

I’ve made that series really long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

The series That’s Amore is a hymn of all loves ? How came to you the idea ?

That was just came out without any plan. My very first illustration of that series was Batman and Robin from the 60s classic tv show. You know, that kind of view when they were climbing buildings. I called that poster « The POW! of love » just playing with typical onomatopoeia of the serie and the « rumors » about a love story between Bat and Robin. Than I was just trying to figure out how to draw a whole series that could celebrate love in all its multiple ways. That’s why I’ve portrayed some kind of classical couples and some « impossibile lovers »: love can do anything, there’re no rule on that field. As human been we should only enjoy in every manifestation of love and not try to put rules on it.

In the team, there is Yak (as the animal), Rémie and autopsiart. If you had to draw a Yak, what would you make ?

Yak is a really funny stuff to draw. It’s almost only fur and horns, right ? Than a square of fur with two big horns. Done !

It seems that your favorite musician is David Bowie, right ?

Definitely. My sister, that is older than me, introduce me to his music when I was a kid. I use to listen to his music often when I’m drawing.

When you draw, you think of anyone ?

I think about nothing. That’s why I love to draw.

Among all your works, the one that got you most emotion ?

I can’t say, it’s like asking a mother which her favorite child is.

Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with ?

During my career I had the chance to collaborate with a bunch of great artists and some of them were my heroes when I was younger.

What’s in your tools box ?

There is an iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil, a sketchbook and a pencil.

What is the question I haven’t asked that you would like to answer ?

Do you want pizza ? Answer would have been « Yes, sure ! ».