mister woodland.

« Some friends in Berlin called me the Bavarian like Arnold Schwarzenegger ».

facebook : robin.wood.71mr.woodland81 / website : misterwoodland / instagram : @misterwoodland

Who is the best known : Daniel or Woody ?

The most artists I know call me Woody…

The fall of the Berlin Wall took place in 1989, you were eight years old. Today, some street artists return on this event. Did you want to paint on the subject ?

Not really, if I’m honest, because it’s just a flat wall. I always try to paint walls with an interesting size or with a nice landscape or surroundings.

You began to graff in 1993 because tags on the trains attracted to you. You doesn’t make it today ?

No. I’m too lazy for that and also with two kids and a wife… and my company takes too much time… I just want to paint – without risk and stress…

Younger, you preferred to draw rather than to play soccer or video games, it’s still the case ?

Yeah ! graffiti was and is my first love – there is nothing beside my family what I love more… Every time I start a new wall it’s like the first kiss from a girl. It’s amazing, exciting and makes me 100 % happy. Luckily it’s not wet 🙂

2011 was a turning point in your career, you become a freelance artist and you focus on illustrations, urban art and graphic design. You work for your own studio : toxic playground, pride ?

Difficult to answer. It’s more happiness that I was brave enough to dare this step because a usual job gives you almost security even if it’s just the feeling of security… but yeah I’m very proud that it works and I’m able to do and earn money with this what I love ! I think with this option I’m one of the richest persons on the world – not with money – with luck !

Before signing under Mr Woodland, we knew you under the names of Nitro, Doom and Mono. Frankly, Woodland is so cool, you explain to us how you found it ?

That’s a long and stupid story. It was all about my strong body… some friends in Berlin called me the Bavarian oak like Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Austrian oak… then I become Woody, Oaky and some other stupid names…

One day I decided to paint a WOODLAND style but I signed it with MONO the name I painted in this time – and by the way, in this time I just painted styles, no characters!… Then the second, third and other WOODLAND styles followed and I decided to change my name and for sure my style – I also stopped painting styles and decide to paint characters but I think I can say a lot more with characters… than – just for fun – I put a MR. in front.

I don’t really like the name because it sounds more funny than cool but I’m sure I’m the only one worldwide and if you will hear it once you will never forget it 🙂

Do you think that the graphic designers or illustrators have necessarily something furthermore to become street artists ? I ask you this question, because many of street artists are illustrators or graphic designers.

I think it works together and sometimes the mind is similar… If you want to become a writer usually you like colors, shapes etc. and usually you start writing before choosing your job… I think thats the reason.

You find your inspiration in the classic painting ?

Right now, yes ! At the moment I try to get more distance to graffiti. All I wanna do is painting – it’s not important for me to say: « i’m a graffiti artist » – I just try to be an artist ! Specially graffiti is almost very similar with outlines, blocks, highlights etc.

At the moment I see nothing really new so I found more inspiration in classical paintings – and the technique is awesome. Since two years I also try to mix the can with the brush on the wall – it gives me more possibilities – I think this makes an artist free – to choose everything he needs to make the result in this way he wants… I really love graffiti but I want more.

When you paint, you think of anyone ?

No not really. I really enjoy to turn my mind off during painting.

What’s in your toolbox ?

Fatcaps, some skinnys, brushes, headphones for music and coffee.

One day with Mr Woodland, it would be what ?

Depends who is with me 😉 but I think it’s always funny with me.

We like or we hate the art of Jonathan Meese. I believe you appreciate this artist. I have to say that his art looks like Jean-Michel Basquiat. What do you think ?

I think he’s a fu…ing genius – becoming rich with such shit ! awesome! 100 % talentfree.

Among all your works, the one that got you most emotion ?

Hard to say, hmmm – as my granny dies I painted a memorial piece for her – I did it two days later she died and I did it under tears the whole time because i loved her a lot.

Red panda, Bomber, Croco Walk, Moody Creatures, In love with forest, The dairy maid, The mushroom picker, you like huge, huge, huge pieces ?

Yes I do ! who not!? I think it’s more impressive and it’s like if small kids playing together and you have the biggest toy 🙂

Your avatar on Facebook is a mushroom with a cross, why ?

I think it fits good to my name and the cross is like a mark you leave somewhere… It shows : I was here.

The city is our playground, collaboration with Thiago Goms, or Catwoman and her admirer with Stom500, Missy and Monstra, it was cool ?

Yes, very cool because these artists are artists. I like from her work and – what is more important for me – her personality ! It’s the same with guys like Erase, Arsek, Malakkai, Semor, Pout and some others. It’s always a good day to paint with these artists. Usually I love to paint alone…

Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with ?

Yeah, there are some I like from their style.

You illustrated the book for child « Simon and Toni auf Tour in München », How was born the project ?

The owner of the Hirschkäfer Verlag, Martin Arz, asked me once and it was on my « to do list » I ever wanted to do.

I did it specially for my kids. I remembered the day my daughter came in her Kindergarden, the book under his arm and everybody was asking her what she is having there -then she answered : « a book my father made because he’s an artist – and what’s your daddy!? » this makes me very proud ! 🙂

What do you think the role of the artist in society ?

I don’t know… some guys are painting shit and get a throne in the society and some are totally the opposite. I think everybody needs art and I hope to get the authority I’m working for.

If I tell you autopsiart, you answer…

NYCHOS 🙂 who else !? I didn’t found it but he pushed it to perfection ! great artist !

What is the question I haven’t asked that you would like to answer?

How long did you take to answer all these questions:) joke ! I can undertake that i’ll not stop painting ! thank you !